About Us

Our Story

Kluren serves leading Defense, security, Media & Technology organizations, helping bringing their products to the next level. We are a leading software development and platform engineering services company, focused on delivering results through high-end software engineering, combined with innovative strategy, consulting and design capabilities.

Kluren has created lasting partnerships with our customers by developing innovative product offerings on a fixed price basis that accelerate time-to-market.

We deliver user-friendly and reliable software solutions that meet our customer's expectations. We practice special and unique approach to maintain long-term and beneficial and have been providing high quality software development services Our team consist of experienced software engineers and strong leaders, with years of experience and accumulated knowledge in multiple fields including complicated niche areas.

As experts in software development of bespoke applications putting into practice advanced ideas and up-to-date technologies in the field of software engineering, Kluren offers tailor made solutions for the next generation platforms. partnership based on our advertency to customer's needs and corporate transparency.

Our vast experience in web, mobile and different complicated systems application development allows us to provide our customers through a wide range of end-to-end services & solutions, customized for their needs and requirements.

Why Us?

Cost Effective

We employ experienced software developers and add our technical excellence to every project we work on. Cut down your housing, recruiting and training expenses through our outsource software development services. Therefore we are able to provide best quality results in a cost effective manner.

Transparent Business Model

We truly believe in relations transparency with all our clients and make great efforts to achieve as much as possible to consistently exceed customer expectations and satisfaction by our clients. Thus allows you to hire the best quality software professionals at a lower cost with no hidden surprises.

Technical Excellence

At Kluren, we continuously work on cutting edge technologies as we believe that the technology landscape is changing rapidly and to keep pace with it in house development and training are essential

Quality Results

Kluren has vast experience in working with various organizations and have imbibed the best industry practices, which we are meticulously following to provide best quality to our clients.

Company Management

Yaniv Amar


Yaniv has many years of experience at the cutting edge of the software industry as technology leading, architecture and expert developer of complex software systems and client-based solutions, Serving as a senior consultant and product architect in diverse classified projects for organizations such as IDF, Mer Group and many others.

He specializes in various programming languages like C#, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET MVC, WCF. He's expertise includes advanced UI software design using WPF with Prism, Caliburn.Micro on UI development: WPF, Web, Mobile and UI architectures. That help companies to design and implement the best solution optimized for their particular need up to fully-fledged distributed system hosts.

I Founded Kluren in order to help and grow technology companies. I believe that innovation is a crucial part in technology developments. To do all this, we carry on investing in our people. At Kluren we pride ourselves in building different teams of top quality developers and engineers.