Civil Aviation Building | Restriction | System

What Is The System About?

  • 18 years of service in ICAA (Israel Civil Aviation Authority)
  • Building permits monitoring around airports, runways and airways
  • Urban planning
  • Control and monitor UAVS in civil airspace
  • Compliance with ICAO/FAA regulations

System Goals

Flight Safety

Controls and restricts the environment near airports, runways and low altitude flight path to ensure the highest level of the flight safety.

Urban planing Work

Planning and building permits tracking system adjacent to civil aviation restriction area.

Process Optimization
  • Automation and optimization of plans review process
  • Documents and schemes production
  • Permits and other response production to the general public building applications
Unified Database
  • Flight GIS information
  • Up to date obstacle database
  • Expose GIS API to external use

General Feature


Advance GIS visualition based on latest technology.


Centralize Geodatabase.


Advance user and system management.


Web and rich client developed utilizing advanced technology for high level usability.


System security compling with the highest standarts.


Advance 3D visualition.

Public Application Management

Public building applications creation
Events management during the application time span
Client response management
Tools for geodata queries and system reports production

Testing Criteria

Height restriction
Noise zones restriction
Bird zones restriction
Obstacle prohibition clearways

Pre-Planning Information

Provide vital restriction information to the structure planner

Obstacles Types

Building permits

Town plans and land use coverage

High voltage electricity pillars and cables

Narrow obstacle

Long objects

Output Automation

Geographical information

  • Obstacles
  • Aerial information publication
  • Checkout Page
  • Engineering information

Application and permit information for applicants

Use a built-in counter to check out how many events are planned for a certain date. This feature will help you keep track of your everyday activities.

DWG output file to engineers
Checked element printout
Microsoft Excel
Google KML

Support Input Formats

Support 3D input from multiple file formats: AutoCAD (.dwg .dxf), Microsoft Excel (.xlsx .xls), ESRI (ArcSDE .shp), Google (.kml)
Manual input option
Can connect to custom external API

Decistion Making Tools

image description
Surface intersection calculation
3D visualization
Aerial Maps
Terrain Modeling