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Safe & Smart City Application

Safe & Smart City projects utilize advanced technologies to increase the safety and security of city dwellers, as well as provide them with advanced services to increase their quality of life.

Hazardous Materials Identification System

Hazardous Materials Identification System was designed to help track the storage, shipping, and disposal of hazmat. Hazmat is described and categorized using internal or external material profile records, and can be managed and tracked from its point of origination through the final certificate of destruction.

Identity Manager & Registration Application

Identity Manager & Registration Application enables centralized and distributed personalization configurations to producing personal documents like: ID cards, driving licenses, passports, visas or others.

Patrol unit mobile Application

Command & Control mobile application for the Patrol units. The application interface between the C2 system and the field units provides efficient dispatching and unit statusing of field units and ease of use in accessing data. Features include: A flexible easy-to-use multi-touch display, simple & user-friendly device-to-device messaging as well as precise and convenient dispatch notification, Offline working mode with data synchronization mechanism.

C2 Multi Touch-Table App

C2 Situational Awareness app is an interactive touch-optimized digital sand table that gives military and disaster-response mission planners the power to create, plan, and fully manage missions and logistical routing in a collaborative geospatial environment.

VivAlert - Smart alert and information system

VivAlert, unique and innovative smart alert and information system, is a singular notification system that was developed for the very reason of enabling reliable delivery of real-time digital voice alerts and information, anywhere, anytime.

WPF map control

The main goal of this project is to provide an easy to use, high performing and comprehensive set of classes, which can be used “out of the box” to add a rich mapping experience to any WPF application.

LINX 2.0

Innovative world-class platform, capable to supply complex integrated C4I and advanced complex event processing web based system.