video collaboration

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Secure Video Collaboration Solution for Business and Enterprise

Easily manage and share content inside and outside your business.
TEEMO provides a perfect blend of control and simplicity for users:
install the system on your network and keep your data safe.

Share whenever you are ready.


All the data is stored on your premise - no need to constrain yourself by purchased cloud space or upload valuable files to the internet

Get instant real-time feedback from colleagues and clients and mark completed stages

Fast previews and versioning allowing your team members to easily approve and reject files

Share your networks with collaborators and clients being sure that they won't miss anything with In-App and email notifications

Working on a video project was never so easy

With TEEMO you invite your whole team to collaborate on the video in real time, leave time-stamped comments and get faster feedback and approvals from clients.

  • Meet the demand for video across all of your various audiences channels, managing a mixed team of fulltime and freelance employees in one app
  • Keep your clients’ awareness on your progress, in two-clicks allowing them to view or edit a project
  • Innovate your workflow and reduce post-production costs - Teemo App is your fast and affordable way to create a video project together at any time

Synchronize your team minds

Simple platform for cross-functional team collaboration, in-app notes, version history, and work-in-progress stages.

  • Instant version control enables to keep the project files organized and backup the changes if needed
  • Sort the uploaded content by the project, folder or status
  • Edit & publish a video faster, saving the time you used to spend for switching between mail and editing software

One app, no miscommunication

Manage several projects in one place, get instant notifications from the members of your team and mark completed tasks to track your progress.

  • More than just video - create your project’s storyboard and share it within the app, attaching files, music and more
  • Multiple video teams productiveness to deliver high quality content, encouraging the environment that allows for experimentation and feedback
  • Make a modernized workflow your competitive advantage

Plans & pricing



$19 /month

The plan is mainly intended for startups and small businesses.

  • 5GBSpace amount
  • 20Users
  • 10GBBandwidth
  • No support
  • 1Database
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$59 /month

Perfect for Medium-to-large sized businesses.

  • 10GBSpace amount
  • Unlimited users
  • 30GBBandwidth
  • Free support
  • 20Databases
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$99 /month

The plan is best suited for large corporate websites.

  • 100GBSpace amount
  • Unlimited users
  • 60GBBandwidth
  • Free support
  • UnlimitedDatabases
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